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It goes without saying that 2018 was a huge year for forward momentum across the board. NASA returned to Mars and the work of an artistic robot went under the hammer for the first time. Additionally, Einstein’s theory of general relativity was finally confirmed! 2018 saw massive growth for the eLearning industry in particular, which is slated to be used by 98% of all companies by 2020 (Zeqr, 2018)! As January well and truly kicks into gear and last year’s developments transform into this year’s trends, VMP eLearning looks at the biggest learning management and eLearning trends slated for 2019!



Already becoming an exciting reality, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality have become ground-breaking means of implementing and delivering learning content. In fact, Virtual Reality training is predicated to generate more than $6 billion in revenue by 2022 (ABI Research, 2017)!

By augmenting traditional or existing learning content with interactive elements such as graphics or images, Augmented Reality engages learners. This engagement is crucial in connecting learners to their training content and vastly improving information retention rates. Virtual reality, on the other hand, enhances the learning experience with a mixture of interactive elements from 360-degree photos and video to interactive ‘serious games’ and many, many more. By creating a realistic, risk-free environment for learners to undertake often sensitive training, VR/AR/MR are cementing themselves as pioneering eLearning tools. Undeniably a trend set to continue into 2019.

Brisbane eLearning, Gamification and Virtual Reality
For VR/AR/MR in eLearning solutions, the future is now.



A strong trend for 2019, microlearning continues to present an accessible solution to our dwindling attention spans and retention rates. By splitting learning materials up into smaller, goal-driven bites – say small games, infographics, quizzes, or videos – microlearning reiterates important information in a way that’s faster and cheaper to deploy than complete eLearning solutions (or, of course, traditional learning). Increasingly adopted by organisations large and small, the innovative online learning tool will continue to find itself on our desktops and in our pockets in 2019 and beyond. (See our FAQ Page to learn more about Microlearning)


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Gamified eLearning course design with animation
A bite-sized example of microlearning from one of VMP eLearning’s online training solutions!



Enhanced brainpower and improved IQ probably wouldn’t be what people associate with a Donkey Kong video game. But then maybe that’s because you aren’t playing enough video games. Many recent studies have actually found that video games increase a person’s ability to switch between tasks, intake multiple ideas to find a solution to a problem, and even improve decision-making skills and hand-eye coordination! These benefits alone have already seen gamification begin to rise as one of the most valuable eLearning assets in recent years – the interactive and fun-filled delivery is a bonus!

Game-based learning act as a huge value add for teachers and learner’s organisation-wide. And this is especially the case when designed with the needs of learners in mind, By implementing gamified learning solutions in 2019, organisations can expect a better application of the subject matter learned at work, improved retention rates, and a happier, empowered workforce. Game on!


boy plays gameboy and eats cereal
With gamified eLearning learning can happen anywhere, anytime!


eLearning continues to provide learning solutions which go above and beyond the limitations of traditional training. This is important to the corporate environment which is becoming increasingly competitive! Flexible, cost-efficient, and engaging, 2019’s eLearning trends have and will continue to impact our workforces more and more every day.


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