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Although generic courses may be initially cheaper in the short-term, customised eLearning modules offer a lot of long-term benefits.

Providing employees with effective eLearning is much like shopping for clothes; a one-size-fits-all approach does not usually cut it. Yet, organisations fail to recognise this and continue to buy generic, off-the-shelf eLearning courses. Whilst pre-built, generic courses may be initially cheaper in the short-term, the long-term benefits of bespoke eLearning modules outweigh this. Each organisation is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses and as such, customised eLearning solutions take into consideration both employee and organisational needs and can distinguish existing gaps in businesses and identify their core problems.

There are many benefits to investing in bespoke eLearning solutions which generic eLearning courses don’t offer at all. These include targeted training and assessments, courses tailored to organisational brand and values and scalable maintenance of courses.


Achieve the Knowledge Transfer & Behavioural Changes you want to see

Nobody knows your employees better than you do, so why not create the training to see the results that you want to see and to ensure money doesn’t go to waste. Off-the-shelf courses are generalised in nature as they are created for a broader audience. On the other hand, customised modules take into consideration specific employee and organisational needs, ensuring a high-quality product and longevity. Bespoke eLearning will help identify the core problem and gaps in an organisation, and tailor the training to resolve the problem through relatable video demonstration, presenter content and targeted assessments, in an authentic environment.

At VMP eLearning, Director of Education and Learning Strategies, Dr. Ruth Schwarzenboeck who has a PhD in Science of Education, is our all-round expert when it comes to identifying learners’ needs, finding the right learning approaches, and developing effective learning solutions, so you can be rest assured that your company training will be in safe hands with VMP eLearning.


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Align Content with Brand & Values

Another advantage to investing in bespoke eLearning modules is that you can customise modules to a much greater degree by integrating your organisation’s values and branding, features not available with universal courses. By including an organisation’s specific procedures, policies and core values, this not only defines your company but keeps the messaging and experience consistent for users. The way the course content is presented is just as important to consider when developing a course. A customised course with company logos, consistent colour scheme, icons and graphics will infuse a personality into the course offerings. People will respond more readily to and warmly to personalities than generic content and design. Additionally, companies that customise their learning and development, usually give off the impression to employees that the company does care and are committed to investing in professional development. Incorporating the values and expectations of your company through a customised eLearning course along with your organisation’s brand personality, will lead to an increase in engagement and retention, ultimately driving productivity.


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Targeted Assessments

Assessment in eLearning assists in determining the success of the course and measuring the knowledge retention among employees. Unlike off-the-shelf assessments, bespoke eLearning courses can include specific assessment content tailored to reduce the identified knowledge gaps in an organisation. From an organisational perspective, targeted assessments can provide course administrators with real-time feedback and assessment results. This data can then be analysed to see how well employees are performing and pinpoint pain areas and what topics need less or greater coverage. On the other hand, targeted assessments benefit learners by reinforcing the information acquired, and specific feedback gives them an insight into how well they have completed a particular course or module.


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Scalable & Cost-Effective Maintenance

Change is constant and this holds true for eLearning courses. As businesses are continually evolving and growing, eLearning content will need to be updated. An advantage of working with a bespoke eLearning development team is that courses are built on demand so they can customize a course to scale with your business. As eLearning developers, we can plan for changes in our clients businesses, ensuring that course updates are cost effective and quick to implement. Not only is this a win for businesses by saving money, but employees won’t be learning from outdated content.


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The benefits of custom eLearning training sometimes outweigh the convenience of off-the-shelf courses that sometimes fail to support specific employee and organisational needs. Bespoke eLearning solutions are tailored to specific needs and provide a more authentic and relevant learning experience, with greater learning outcomes. Employees are more engaged, satisfied and given a consistent learning experience, leading to an increase in productivity.

To kick off the new financial year, why not invest in bespoke eLearning for your organisation. We will work alongside you to identify the gaps and specific needs of your business, and tailor content to achieve maximum learning outcomes. Let’s talk – contact us today or explore our website for more information.


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