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With remote and hybrid working environments being the new norm, it is more important than ever for businesses and organisations to re-assess their existing onboarding processes.

It is crucial to ensure all new hires transition easily into their new roles regardless of whether they’re working from home. A well-designed onboarding process is so important as it has a huge impact on knowledge retention, employee engagement and the success of both the employee and the company. Do you feel like your employees don’t fit into their role smoothly enough, might not take on your company’s philosophy or seem disengaged? VMP eLearning can help you with engaging online onboarding!

eLearning courses are an easy and effective way of training employees in company culture, procedural tasks, compliance matters such as workplace health and safety, product/service knowledge and helping them to understand their specific role responsibilities. Using eLearning for onboarding is a much more exciting and memorable teaching experience rather than asking employees to review a list of documents. It simultaneously saves time, resources, and increases training ROI. Check out some of the many other benefits online onboarding can provide!


Increased Engagement

The best onboarding courses are engaging and never overwhelming. eLearning onboarding can combine interactive elements such as quizzes, videos, clickable images, animations, and graphics, which will ensure employees remain engaged throughout the entire onboarding process in turn, increasing knowledge retention and productivity in the long run. Whilst the incorporation of these elements will give new hires the information they need to perform, they can help employees quickly pick up on the company culture whilst they are learning. eLearning courses can feature ‘meet the team’ and case study videos which can help your company in ‘keeping it real’ and be viewed as a workplace which is genuine and welcoming. Additionally, these features will allow new hires to feel enthusiastic about the company in which they will be working with. eLearning can mitigate the risk of new hires becoming overwhelmed during the onboarding process as employees can work through the courses at their own pace – plus, if you choose to, they can “walk around your company” without being there. How much more engaging can you get for remote staff?


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Knowledge Retention

A huge advantage to eLearning onboarding courses is that they facilitate superior thinking and problem solving compared to traditional onboarding processes, as they are a multi-sensory learning experience. As such, employees are more likely to understand onboarding concepts from various perspectives, assisting in the retention of information better. eLearning has found to increase knowledge retention rates by up to 60 percent compared to offline training which was found to be 10 percent. Visual learners also benefit greatly, as eLearning onboarding can demonstrate procedures to assist in the mastery of learning for example, ‘how-to’ and ‘how-not-to’ animations. If your company decides to use eLearning for onboarding, proven knowledge retention strategies such as spaced-repetition learning, progress quizzes and encouraging reflection of content, will be applied to ensure you have well-informed and successful employees within your business.


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Easy Accessibility

eLearning can be accessed anywhere, at any time and on multiple devices. When you implement online onboarding, your new employees are more likely to hit the ground running because they can access this introductory information in moments of need in order to achieve their goals.  eLearning onboarding courses also have the potential to be accessed and reused across several company departments. Not only does this save training costs, but as an online platform, eLearning onboarding can be updated as the years go by, as the company progresses or refined to suit a particular department if required.


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If you need to refine your online onboarding process, get in contact with VMP eLearning! We will work alongside you to create educational onboarding which your employees are sure not to forget! Let’s talk – contact us today or explore our website for more information.


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