12th September, 2018


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The What, Why, and How of LMS’s – A Webinar with Dr. Ruth Schwarzenbock

4th September, 2018

We’ve all heard of Learning Management Systems, but what’s all the buzz about really? In our latest webinar, VMP eLearning’s Director of Education and Learning Strategies, Dr Ruth Schwarzenböck (PhD Science of Education), will discuss one of eLearning’s most feared acronyms – explaining what LMS’s are for, why you need them, how to choose the right …

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eLearning Course Types For Learners Needs

14th August, 2018

The ever-growing digital trend and rising proficiency of online training technology has seen eLearning picked up by organisations big and small as an effective means of training workforces. However, despite the countless benefits this method of training has to offer you, your staff, and your bottom line (see here, here, and here), there are still …

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The Principals of Adult eLearning – A Webinar with Dr. Ruth Schwarzenbock

9th August, 2018

In this 35-minute webinar, VMP eLearning’s Director of Education and Learning Strategies, Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock, will explore the eight principals of effective adult learning, and how they can be appropriately implemented into online training or eLearning courses. The team here at VMP eLearning are seasoned professionals in ensuing your staff are appropriately trained and ready …

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eLearning From Mistakes

6th August, 2018

Despite what your primary school memories of red crosses and Responsible Thinking Rooms might suggest, making mistakes is far from an issue in the workplace – in fact, mistake-making is actually an integral part of the learning process. Mistake-led or ‘active’ learning, the process of making mistakes and working constructively to understand them during training, …

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