How to Effectively Implement eLearning Training into Work Life

26th May, 2021

Implementing eLearning training programs must balance with your employees’ daily work schedules so that they can find time to focus on completing their learning tasks. I’m sure we’ve all preached the words “work-life balance” at some time in our careers, swearing we will follow this idea religiously! But when our day-to-day routines creep in, it’s …

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3 Reasons to use eLearning Training over In-person Classes

19th April, 2021

All of us can appreciate the importance of education wherever it may be. However, e-learning training has benefits that makes it more powerful than in-person classes. Whether you are a student, employee, teacher, boss or simply looking to learn something new; we can all appreciate the importance of education. Here at VMP eLearning we love …

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Online Platform Development and Material Presentation Case Study: Hillbrook Anglican College

5th March, 2021

HILLBROOK ANGLICAN COLLEGE (CASE STUDY)Custom Online Course Platform Development Introduction: Dedicated staff of the Hillbrook Anglican School have developed a program for their students in years 7 to 10 to learn and improve their critical thinking based on philosophy, called Philosophical Inquiry. They developed specific, detailed curricula including material for their teachers, and also run …

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Is ‘Work From Home’ Here to Stay In 2021?

3rd February, 2021

Before COVID-19 made it necessary for businesses to facilitate flexible remote working arrangements, some employers were reluctant to allow their teams to work from their own homes. However, since many workers have discovered remote working for the first time in 2020, trends show that remote work options will be desirable even post-COVID, and it is …

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Start your New Year off right by considering customised eLearning production!

6th January, 2021

Over the last 12 months, the entire world has faced a massive amount of uncertainty. However, the fact that the global community adapted so quickly to the outbreak of the pandemic by moving schools, work and personal lives online was an amazing feat. One significant outcome was that eLearning experienced a significant increase of impact …

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