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In this digital age, privacy has become a hot topic of discussion. We have never been more aware of data protection standards and issues around our personal information being shared. When it comes to the health industry, privacy and digital security are of the utmost importance. There are strict laws and regulations regarding patient data and information. This means that quality training on this topic for all staff is essential for the health sectors. This is where VMP eLearning and Metro North Hospital and Health Services collaborated to create an online training course to refresh clinical and non-clinical staff on correct privacy and data security procedures.

Why an e Learning course was the perfect fit?

The more recent modernisation of the cyber and data security systems at Metro-North meant that a consistent teaching method was critical. Every staff member needs congruent and accurate information when learning about privacy. With Metro North servicing multiple locations across north Brisbane, from Kilcoy to RBWH, coordinating in-person classes for over 16000 staff would be a logistical nightmare. Therefore, an eLearning solution was a perfect fit.  It allows staff to take the course wherever and whenever possible and ensure they all receive the same information. This course also fits with a modern hybrid working style as it can be completed independently at home.

Metro North - eLearning Solution

An Engaging format

This course was to educate a wide demographic of health workers from reception staff to doctors, all with varying levels of computer literacy. Therefore, VMP eLearning utilized educational storytelling techniques, with quizzes dispersed throughout to ensure engagement and knowledge retention.  The learners were entertained by Wonderman, who would transform from a helpful colleague into a superhero in a scenario to explain the best practice of data and information management. We included everyday scenarios where privacy risks are a concern; this included entering patient data into the system, research and USB use.  Injecting humour into educational scenarios helps keep an audience engaged with content that otherwise can feel dry and tedious. This also helps memory retention when they next carry out a task to increase best practice behaviour.

Metro North - eLearning Solution

Evaluating preventive training can be a challenge; you can never know how many securities risks were mitigated because they were a non-event. The course has been implemented through the training at Metro North and has received positive feedback from staff. This course is an excellent example of implementing narrative, educational scenarios as a part of an online training course.



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