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The Power of eLearning Feedback

19th March, 2019

eLearning Feedback with Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock, PhD Science of Education “Well done!” and “try again!” are the most commonly used forms of feedback, but what do they really teach your learners? According to science (Gibbs and Simpson, 2004), approximately diddly squat. So what does that mean for eLearning feedback?   Often overlooked, feedback is actually …

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How to Create a Great Training Budget this EOFY

12th June, 2018

The financial year is coming to a close and the beginning of the next looms before us. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t joined the corporate masses in reciting the age-old EOFY adage: “why have I left this to the last minute?”     While juggling numbers, reports, and meetings, it’s tempting to …

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Top 5 Graphic Design Tips for your eLearning Course

20th August, 2017

Continuing February’s eLearning Blog theme the creative team at VMP eLearning decided to put together a list of graphic design tips. Of course, content is important, but with a carefully planned structure, e-learning courses offer real value to your audience. We love graphic design and producing videos that look awesome – who doesn’t want a …

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