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Over the last 12 months, the entire world has faced a massive amount of uncertainty. However, the fact that the global community adapted so quickly to the outbreak of the pandemic by moving schools, work and personal lives online was an amazing feat. One significant outcome was that eLearning experienced a significant increase of impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of people. The increase in demand also brought the opportunity for businesses to diversify and deliver high quality education to their employees.

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eLearning has increased in demand since the COVID-19 pandemic 


Customised eLearning Development That Suits You and Your Budget

With this newfound freedom to move education online comes different options for custom eLearning development. New ways to ensure self-paced learning will suit most (if not all) businesses. Budget is an obvious sticking point for a lot of small to medium sized businesses, however your friends at VMP eLearning are here to reassure you that we can create a customized eLearning course that will suit you and your budget. With different authoring tools available, versatile designs and various ways to present scenarios and objectives (i.e. photography, animation, icon design or live action video), achieving high levels of student satisfaction and information retention has never been easier with eLearning.


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Customised eLearning will increase student engagement and lead to higher information retention


Our Director of Education & Learning Strategies, Dr. Ruth Schwarzenböck uses her years of experience in how adults learn and works to deliver the best learning outcomes possible. By using our eight principals of adult learning (if you’re unfamiliar, we have a great webinar on them here) we really dig deep into your organization to find out what makes it tick, and how to best represent your chosen content through online learning and design.


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If you’re looking at creating some custom eLearning courses in 2021, or would like some guidance on the first step towards online learning, be sure to give VMP eLearning a call. We’re always excited to hear from new clients and have a great Training Needs Analysis program which may help you establish the areas of training required.


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Stop wasting time and money on training that doesn’t work.

Our Education Specialist at VMP eLearning can help you achieve your goals and cut unnecessary costs by carrying out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).


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