Going beyond online learning solutions

Brisbane-based eLearning development services company VMP doesn’t just deliver effective learning outcomes, our tailor-made digital education services are custom designed to fit seamlessly into your organisation’s long-term culture. Whether you need eLearning course development or a blended learning solution, we will provide you with a mix of action learning, reflective practice solutions, or inquiry, problem, project and work-based learning solutions that fit your company best.

Our expertise with interactive and engaging video content (visit vmp.com.au for our video production services), coupled with real-life situations and a didactically sensible structure, allows all learning types to engage with our training solutions. We make learning a social process, not a chore.

  • Narrative Courses

    Information delivered in the form of a lecture, story, tour or video case-study using text, graphics, animation and/or captured video.

  • Multimedia

    A combination of interactive questions, video-based learning and text/graphics delivered in short segments with ample opportunity to apply knowledge through quiz interactions, interactive video or software simulation.

  • Simulated

    Learning experiences such as Virtual Reality or Equipment Emulation involving a high amount of animation or video capture. This method immerses learners into an authentic, multi-sensual environment and is good for tasks such as demonstrating the intricate assembly of a product or a high-risk situation.

  • Procedural

    Guided step-by-step instructions demonstrating the “how, when, where, which, and why” of workplace procedures and decisions.

  • Personalised

    Information delivered to learners according to their needs and responses. This can be in the form of Adaptive Learning, where additional support materials can be provided to guide learners in making the right decisions, or different difficulty levels of questioning presented to learners.

  • Experimental

    Highly technical and/or integrated learning solutions that challenge the boundaries of traditional learning by using external software or hardware combined with a Learning Management System.

Effective eLearning development services

We deliver innovative, and effective digital education services and resources, with courses tailored to you, for whatever your needs may be.

Accredited Course Resource Design and Development

We understand the Australian Quality Framework and ASQA regulations. VMP eLearning will ensure that the course offers a valid, reliable, flexible and fair learning and assessment experience, with authentic and sufficient evidence gathering techniques.

Blended Learning Resource Design and Development

We can work individually or with Subject Matter Experts to identify which skills best suit online learning and which type of activity can be developed to strengthen the learning outcomes of staff or students.

Custom eLearning Design and Development

VMP eLearning is a company experienced in integrating client style guides and branding seamlessly into our education services, with customisable visual design, interface and navigational elements. We successfully design unique learning activities such as simulated experiences or games that make learning memorable.

Instructional Design

Design and development of appealing, effective and efficient online learning courses and programs in line with business, company, organisational and learner needs.

Hosted Moodle Courses

VMP eLearning offers clients dedicated tools and space on our managed Learning Management System to host their courses without the burden of maintaining a technical infrastructure. We also offer support and customised programming and design for your online learning environment.

Educational Consultancy

Aligning evidence-based research, adult learning theories and best-practice eLearning strategy with company goals, strategies and regulations to identify how and where staff performance can be improved, and is best measured, and how compliance can be sustained through online education.

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