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The importance of blended learning and digital learning solutions cannot be understated in the midst of a global health pandemic.

We are currently in the midst of a global health pandemic that challenges our ability to gather and learn together collaboratively. Now more than ever businesses, schools, universities and training providers are looking for answers. In the interests of social distancing and carrying forward through imminent isolation measures, the importance and possibilities offered by blended learning and digital learning solutions cannot be understated.

VMP eLearning are still here working hard (safely and remotely, of course) to deliver digital solutions to training needs in a time of global abnormality.


What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is learning that utilizes a combination of delivery methods. This generally consists of some in-person classroom style training combined with digital learning solutions.

For example we have experienced the benefits of video production in blended courses, which could include any elements of training such as video scenarios or video of physical job processes – but we can also offer services to allow trainers to present live and moderated video directly to learners, who can access the content remotely in real time.

By constructing courses from multiple types of content and delivery methods, blended learning serves to improve the learning experience, learner comprehension and engagement.

If we can study and teach online, then why not phase out physical classroom learning altogether?

Well, not all disciplines, industries or training situations are best suited for either classroom or digital learning alone. Essentially, blended learning offers you the best of both worlds! the ability to adapt individual parts of a course to utilise the most suitable learning solution is a huge achievement when managed and assessed properly.

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The Benefits of Blending


Better control over learning

Blended learning allows for higher control over the learning pace and schedule, as learners can complete eLearning modules at any time within the overall parameters of the training course. They also have the freedom to complete parts of the learning remotely, for example at home, where some learners may feel more comfortable to train in a less formal setting or may otherwise have restricted access to on-site training.

Currently, as the usual luxuries of physical connectedness are challenged or altogether unavailable, a remote access approach to live training through video streaming means that time is not wasted and progress can still be achieved through online solutions.


More Engaging

We all know that sitting in a classroom for hours on end can get… really… boring! Digital learning solutions can consist of many different types of content. These can include video, activities, quizzes, online communication and scenario or role play and more. By breaking up courses into different types of content they become less repetitive and exhausted.


Social Learning

As blended learning incorporates both in person and online learning, learners can still benefit from the social aspect offered by a class or in-person training session. Learners don’t have to struggle through content on their own and can meet throughout the course to discuss and help each other understand the content. Of course, when this physical interaction is not currently a viable option, online solutions exist to facilitate group experiences through video streaming, conferencing and digital classroom platforms– such as Zoom or Collaborate.


Reduced costs to businesses

From a financial perspective, blended learning reduces costs associated with the logistics of face-to-face training, such as ongoing trainer salaries, scheduling, office materials and physical learning spaces or classrooms. Digital learning solutions are now accessible via so many devices reducing the barrier to entry for most workplaces and are extremely customisable, so you only have to pay for what you actually need!


VMP elearning webinar for digital learning solutions
Still from a webinar run by VMP eLearning allowing participants to engage remotely.


Example applications for blended learning

Webinars – like an online presentation that would traditionally be delivered in a lecture theatre. As an example of what we are talking about, check out this VMP eLearning Webinar with our very own Dr. Ruth Schwarzenbock.

Interactivity and Gamification – content that requires interactive user input, that makes learning more ‘game-like’, is an excellent method to boost engagement and encourage positive learner behaviors. Learn more about gamification here!

Scenario Videos the benefits of video in learning are endless when it comes to boosting learner engagement and communicating information in an accessible way. Video can also capture specific scenarios relevant to your training needs, to provide a cost-effective custom solution.


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