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VMP eLearning collaborates with you to understand your needs, expectations and learning culture, to deliver effective learning solutions. During elearning development, trusted and relevant content built from existing material, research, staff and expert consultancy is compiled into a storyboard. We then apply styling, create visuals and develop your unique course, continuously testing and reviewing to ensure your satisfaction before final implementation. Our active evaluation process provides measurement and proof of the effectiveness of the e Learning solution.


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Design and Delivery Framework

Guidance from concept to implementation and beyond. Project management each step of the way. Continuous communication driving progress and quality control. VMP e Learning adapts to your needs.

1) Analyse

Identify business goals, learning outcomes, target audience, training needs, learning environment, technical environment, and constraints .

2) Plan

Research, consultation, content writing, and identifying learning objectives, assessment and feedback strategies.

3) Design

Learning styles, visual styles, presentation, and creation of assets using Adobe Creative Suite.

4) Develop

Author using eLearning software, then test functionality, usability, look and feel, reporting, and display on devices.

5) Implement

On our Learning Management System, a website, a client-owned LMS or a Learning Record Store xAPI. Training and support provided.

6) Evaluate

Active evaluation of effectiveness, understanding and overall learning experience.

Digital learning solutions to take your training online

VMP e Learning offers complete learning solutions that will achieve learning outcomes and align with company culture, no matter the industry, sector, or topic.

  • Safety training

    Ensure your business remains compliant with laws and regulations and avoid costly penalties.

  • Software simulation

    Let your staff try out new software in a risk-free environment that provides feedback while educating on the value and differences of new technology or software.

  • Sales training

    Keep your sales staff up to date with engaging learning styles by putting them in the shoes of customers. Help them identify with customers and offer better solutions to suit client needs.

  • Product Knowledge training

    As products continually evolve to offer new, improved solutions, so must your staff. Let us help you deliver your training professionally so that your staff can learn, adapt and work more efficiently in the workplace.

  • Procedural training

    The key to efficiency is knowing how and why you do what you do.

  • Instructional videos

    An effective audio-visual learning style where procedures can be demonstrated live with interactive questions to measure understanding.

  • Employee induction

    Demonstrate the value and expectations of your company through an engaging induction with personality.

  • Skills and Behaviour training

    Whether it be hands-on demonstrations or the basics of organisational management, VMP eLearning can deliver training that teaches valuable techniques and measures performance in an authentic environment.

Tools of the trade

At VMP eLearning, we use a number of authoring tools and computer programs to provide you with fast delivery times and semi-automated methods of coding online content. These methods allow us to publish our learning solutions as a shareable and transportable format, while providing high degrees of customisation and advanced programming features.

  • Moodle logo

    Moodle LMS


    Moodle is a highly configurable Learning Management System with Authoring tools. The content created within it can only be viewed within Moodle sites and is more difficult to migrate to other Learning Management Systems. The advantage of Moodle is that it is a live environment and its authoring tools are much simpler than Captivate and Storyline. Therefore, it may be quicker to author a course if you need a simple authoring solution or if you require a location to store files, or a system to track data and/or host multiple courses within a learning program.

  • Adobe Captivate logo

    Adobe Captivate


    Adobe Captivate is a Rapid eLearning authoring tool which offers development templates for interfaces, interactions and assessments. It is highly customisable that can publish online content for Web, LMS, CD, Apps and Presentations. Modules or courses developed in Captivate need to be hosted in a Learning Management System, or linked to a Learning Record Store, to track results. The results of assessments are transferred to your LMS via SCORM or TinCan API communication methods.

  • Articulate Storyline logo

    Articulate Storyline


    Articulate Storyline is a Rapid eLearning authoring tool which offers development templates for interfaces, interactions and assessments. It is slightly less customisable than Captivate and can publish online content in the same formats that Captivate can. Modules or courses developed in Storyline need to be hosted in a Learning Management System, or linked to a Learning Record Store, to track results. The results of assessments are transferred to your LMS via SCORM or TinCan API communication methods.

Additonal Services

VMP eLearning develops, designs and delivers - all in-house. With the collaboration of our highly talented team of producers, production crew and instructional designers, we can replicate or present contextual scenarios and imagery that helps embed long-term knowledge, change behavioural patterns and to improve workplace performance.

Perfecting the art of blending multiple modes of representation, theory and testing, VMP offers the following content for eLearning courses:

  • Video Production

    Our partner company VMP, is a full-service video production company with a strong team of writers, producers, film crew and post-production specialists. Having delivered over 2000 productions since 1996 for globally renowned organisations and winning national recognition on numerous occasions, they will work with VMP eLearning to create the most engaging learning solutions possible.

  • Audio

    We house a team of dedicated sound technicians, an industry-standard recording booth and an extensive library of copyright free music and sound effects to give your learning solution the best audio and voiceover solutions possible.

  • Fun and Games

    VMP eLearning's team of Instructional Designers can create and deploy elements of gamification, such as quizzes and interactive games, to give your learning solution the means to educate, engage and entertain.

  • Incentives

    VMP eLearning offers incentives for your learners such as awards, badges and certificates of completion to provide a higher level of autonomy, variety and feedback than traditional learning channels.

  • Studio Filming

    VMP eLearning's fully-equipped studio allows for easy, professional and beautiful production for engaging learning solutions. Available for hire in central Brisbane, our studio is a purpose built sound stage with full lighting rig, silent air conditioning and full-length green/black/blue/white screen.

  • Effects

    Our custom-built edit suites go hand-in-hand with our strong team of graphic designers and editors to provide your learning solutions with high-quality, entertaining and appealing visual design. Our team hold years of experience creating 2D/3D animation, visual effects, titles and graphics.

  • Content Design

    The meat of any eLearning solution, our design team can transform programmed text, flowcharts, downloadable PDF files links, and plain text, into cohesive and effective content. If you are starting from scratch, our skilled team of writers can collaborate with you to create content cost-effectively.

  • Multi-Platform Access and Responsiveness

    Our industry-standard course design ensures that your product will evolve alongside technology, provide learners with instant access, and pack the same punch no matter the platform.

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