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One of the key strategies to encourage employee retention is by providing them with training and development opportunities. This is where customised elearning can make an impact.

One of the biggest hurdles for businesses is employee retention. According to findings by the Australian HR Institute in 2018, average turnover rates had increased to around 18%; providing training and development opportunities to employees has been revealed as one of the key strategies to encourage employee retention. So, the importance of developing and implementing custom E Learning services for employee development cannot be further stressed!

The team at VMP eLearning couldn’t agree more and want to give some further insights into the importance of e Learning to employee satisfaction and professional growth.


Employee Retention through an Employee Focused Culture

Proper access to training at the start of a new job helps employees to feel supported by their employer and with an ongoing training through an effective e Learning solution, businesses can continue to foster professional development and provide growth and upskilling opportunities for their employees. An employee focused culture that supports staff through effective training through eLearning will certainly lead to improved satisfaction within the company.


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Australian eLearning statistics


LMS eLearning and Learning Incentives

Setting up an effective LMS solution to act as a central hub for an employee’s learning journey is a fundamental step towards employee engagement. An LMS offers a customisable interface to suit your requirements and hosts all the eLearning courses and modules available to your employees.

Customising your LMS e Learning gives access to an array of reporting tools and avenues for learner recognition, such as completion certificates and reward incentives for completing learning activities. Giving your employees a tangible portfolio of their growth and professional development within the company will evoke a culture of recognition and result in improved satisfaction, productivity and highly-skilled employees.

Australian eLearning statistics


Engage and Enjoy eLearning!

The most important consideration to ensure effective E Learning for employee development is to make it fun! Employees will be most satisfied when they feel motivated to complete e Learning activities and find courses to be engaging and achievable. Content should be engaging, relevant to the learner and well presented. Learning can also be made engaging through different interactive strategies such as video and quizzes and varying activities to break up written content. Micro Learning divides courses into smaller sections of different topics and uses short activities to target skill based learning. It provides a day-to-day perspective to make content more relevant to learners. A user-friendly design also goes a long way to ensure learners can easily progress through learning material.


VMP eLearning’s Dr. Ruth Schwarzenböck explains Micro Learning in this short video!


Focused E Learning content should cultivate employee development and provide learners with the tools they need to feel confident and satisfied in their roles.


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