Brisbane eLearning and audio creation, development, and design

At VMP, we love eLearning because we get to be creative with graphics, mould and form content and create great online learning resources. However, there is one element that frequently gets overlooked by clients during the development stages. That element is audio. It’s easy to get submersed with the look and feel of a project, but we often need to ask our clients to take a step back when deciding on audio. Do you want sound effects when the learner hits the buttons? Do you want a male or female voice-over or both? Will there be music? All these questions come into play when developing eLearning, so we’ve compiled a blog with some common things to think about with deciding on audio for your eLearning project.


Tip number 1: Text Speech

The most successful eLearning courses encompass elements allowing the learner to become fully immersed in the learning process. Audio has proven not only to enhance learner engagement but also learner understanding, meaning more efficient learning and retention.  However, text speech should not just narrate the slide. A more effective method is to have the voice-over only read the important content, guiding the learner but also encouraging them to engage.


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Brisbane eLearning and audio creation, development, and design

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Tip number 2: A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I for one,  prefer my YouTube tutorials over reading a manual any day. Why? Because you receive both visual and audio. If you have a tricky or complex topic, try narrating the steps with illustrations instead of text-heavy learning. Many people learn visually, and narration with graphics, pictures or video is a great way to offer information in a less daunting manner.


Tip number 3: Good Audio

We’ve all see a video with horrific sound or watched a friends recording of a live concert with audio so bad it hurts our hearts. Don’t do this to your learners. Invest in good quality audio or forgo it all together. Bad quality audio on the most professional eLearning course will reduce the quality of the overall product immensely. High-quality audio that is relevant and easy to understand is key to a successful eLearning course.


Brisbane eLearning and audio creation, development, and design

View project: South Pacific Welding Group – Safety Induction


Tip number 4: Suit Up

Not really, I just couldn’t think of a cool heading. What I really mean is suitable (suit-able? Get it? No? My Boss didn’t either, must be young, pretty people humour. Lol jks… but seriously, that was funny right?). Incorporating a suitable tone, jargon and pace for your eLearning course can give your project a polished finish.  Choosing the right voice is essential, and a professional voice over is becoming standard for professional eLearning. Choosing female, male or both is a preference of the client, usually tailored by the topic. Use the right language for your project. It needs to be simple and understandable but also relevant to your project. Pace is also of utmost importance, you don’t want your learners to feel rushed by a quick voice over, or feel like they are been dragged through the course by a voiceover that is too slow.


Tip number 5: Music Baby

Many of our clients opt out of background and feature music in their eLearning courses. Preferring to focus on quality voiceovers and sound effects to keep the learner engaged and focused. While we agree, there is no reason you can’t use music. Background music can make the project stand out and feel exciting to the learner. Background music can actually help learners immerse themselves in a course which in turn helps retain information. However, we advise you tread carefully and have the option to turn it off if your learners prefer quiet.

Bonus tip: Some people don’t love sound and prefer to work entirely in silence. Make sure you develop your course with this as an option to make your learners as comfortable  possible.

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We hope these audio eLearning tips have helped! We have given you the power to transform complex and dull subjects into exciting an interactive learning.  We only ask you use your powers for good. For more information or to talk about creating your own course, contact the team at VMP. With our powers combined, who knows what great things will happen?

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