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Let’s see what the year ahead offers in the area of elearning course development for businesses that are looking to improve their staff training strategies.

Innovative eLearning course development is essential for any business looking to improve team training. With all the benefits from low-cost application and accessibility to the added learner engagement and gamification, the global eLearning market is expected to reach a total value of $325 billion by 2025. That equates to an approximate growth of over 300% over the decade!

So, as the cogs of 2020 turn and businesses expand their eLearning portfolios, VMP eLearning predicts some key trends for the year ahead.



Big Data Delivers!

Did you know that the value of data has risen to overtake oil and is arguably the most valuable asset in the world? (According to the Economist). Well it is no wonder why the optimization of ‘big data’ generation during eLearning course development is becoming increasingly valuable within corporate training programs. When learners undertake eLearning training, data is gathered to give tangible indicators against key factors such as learning retention, individual user challenges and skillsets, and learning behavior patterns.

By collecting and processing this data, developers and trainers can focus on how to better customize modules to best suit the training needs of learners, predict further training program requirements and estimate their returns on investment. Effectively equipping your LMS to collect and report learner data is a sure step towards getting the best investment out of your eLearning course development.


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Extra Help From XR

As we carry on into 2020, the incorporation of extended reality (XR) technologies into custom eLearning is proving to be a popular solution to corporate training demands. The effective implementation of AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) adds a depth of interactivity to digital education services that isn’t fully realised through traditional video or animation techniques alone.

Custom AR training programs can be utilized to integrate digital learning with real-time practical workplace training; or VR elearning course development could simulate scenarios that the learner could not ordinarily undertake. VMP eLearning’s resident expert, Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock (PhD Science of Education) also discusses the applications of VR and AR as an essential tool in eLearning feedback loops.


Let’s Get Motivated!

Self-paced eLearning solutions look towards giving learners freedoms to manage and complete courses on their own schedule. Continued feedback suggests a desire to further develop motivated training programs that assist learners through guided control over their progress. Self-paced course development will continue to evolve in 2020 with aims to further improve the learner experience and increase completion rates of eLearning modules.

In 2020, VMP eLearning will continue to innovate our eLearning course development to provide the best learning results and education services.

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