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Australia is home to rapid technological development and increasingly positive public perceptions of online learning. We’ve seen a rapidly expanding eLearning industry over the past five years. Educational institutions, public service agencies, and commercial organisations have all harnessed the great provider that is the internet to deliver better learning to more students than ever before. Across the board, our sunburnt and sea-girt land continues to support the reskilling and lifelong-learning offered by ever-flexible eLearning.


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Online learning – the gift that keeps giving!

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Technology is transforming the delivery of education. Now, the classroom is less of a physical location and more of a comfortable environment in which students can learn. The Australian eLearning industry has become more and more prevalent throughout the Australian education sector. In particular, through promoting convenient and effective learning amongst a new generation of digital natives. With children as young as six now regularly using technology such as iPads in the classroom, eLearning websites such as Mathletics and Reading Eggs have become highly popular learning tools under Australian curriculums.

According to the ABS, in fact, 85% of Australian children who access the internet from home do it for educational purposes! In addition, the NBN Digital Parenting Report found that 75% of Australian children use online resources to learn at home. From ease of access to better information retention rates, eLearning is an educational tool set to stay in Australian schools.



The Australian eLearning industry has made positive progress in leaps and bounds for the healthcare industry worldwide. This is a crucial necessity for an industry in which a mistake can literally be the difference between life and death. Because it is an infinitely reusable resource that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, it is highly useful in helping healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments in diagnoses and treatments. In addition, a report commissioned by the World Health Organization found that eLearning for healthcare professionals was just as if not more effective than traditional classrooms! These benefits have already been widely adopted by Australian medical organisations, such as Diabetes Australia (who have an extensive suite of eLearning resources for everyone from nurses to pharmacists) or the highly successful and widely adopted BloodSafe Australia eLearning course.

Here in Brisbane, the VMP eLearning team are working with Mater Education to develop a Baby First Aid eLearning program. It is designed to educate young families who aren’t able to attend in-person sessions. By providing this critical information to rural or financially disadvantaged families who would not otherwise have access to it, the Australian eLearning industry is already saving lives.



In an industry notoriously difficult to find sustainable staff in, an effective training strategy is crucial. With seasonal staff coming and going, employers in the hospitality sector find themselves needing to efficiently train up inexperienced personnel. Increasingly, organisations from McDonald’s to your local chippo are recognising eLearning as a sustainable and affordable way to do so. Cost-effective, seamless, and scalable, online learning is taking the hospitality sector by storm, from world-renowned hospitality course content community Typsy to the Australian hospitality-based mental health course, R U OK?

On a more local scale, VMP eLearning recently developed a series of elearning modules with celebrity chef Maggie Beer. The project aims to allow a wide range of learners to join in on Maggie’s classes as she shares her recipes in an online format. By optimising Maggie’s courses while increasing the efficiency of operations in commercial kitchens Australia-wide, eLearning provides a win-win!


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