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End of Financial Year. It happens every year like clockwork – yet it still somehow manages to sneak up on us! Well this year we say NO MORE!

Whether you have money leftover in the budget or you’re a little strapped for cash… now is your chance to be proactive and get the most from custom digital learning solutions that meet your corporate training needs.

The VMP eLearning team in Brisbane are here to give you some tips to begin your e-Learning journey, with a money-wise approach to assessing your corporate training needs. So, let’s get cracking with some tips on creating custom digital learning solutions that you can implement today!


Training Needs Analysis

A comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the first step towards developing training for your company that effectively meets your requirements. Through a TNA, we review your employee’s skills and identify what training is required and the best methods to implement for individual, team and industry demands. Essentially, the Training Needs Analysis identifies gaps in your current corporate training resources and creates a blueprint for custom e-learning development.


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VMP eLearning Training Needs Analysis
What you receive from VMP eLearning’s Training Needs Analysis


Planning makes Perfect

With your TNA completed, you are now ready to start storyboarding your e-learning courses! eStoryboards will help you organise your corporate training into modules and define training goals. These eStoryboards will contain plans for all the necessary visual and audio elements of then your e-learning course which will then help in course production.


eLearning digital learning solutions steps chart
The 6 Steps of eLearning Development to make your planning perfect!


Make it Memorable

Now that you’ve got the bare bones of your eLearning course prepared, consider how you can make the course more memorable and engaging for the target learners. There are many benefits of adding video to eLearning, such as enhanced audience engagement and learning retention. Scenario videos or demonstration videos. Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock is our resident education expert at VMP eLearning in Brisbane and can find the best methods to teach your curriculum such as video, interactivity, gamification and accessibility strategies – so your learners can get the best outcomes from your course and genuinely enjoy doing it!


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So, today is the day to start planning your EOFY wisely and discover what digital learning solutions can do for you. Get in touch with us today at VMP eLearning Brisbane to talk about your corporate training needs and start your eLearning!


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