VMP eLearning, digital learning specialists in Brisbane, is stepping up our education expertise this year with the addition of the world-class experience of learning specialist, Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock. German-born Dr Schwarzenbock (pictured) brings with her a PhD in the Science of Education, as well as years of experience in the European education and training sectors.

Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock - VMP e-Learning Specialist

Her time in these sectors included a stint as Deputy CEO of German-based non-profit, Buntkicktgut, as well as 10 years with international language centre, MODOLINGO, as both Director of Studies and a specialist trainer.

Dr Schwarzenbock’s addition to the VMP eLearning team is a natural progression for us, having spent the last 20 years developing screen media, interactive content and learning solutions for some of Brisbane’s most significant businesses.

Having developed eLearning programs within the Banking, Energy, Health and Government sectors, we believe that the VMP eLearning’s focus on better learner engagement is the key.

Dr Schwarzenbock is confident that producing quality animation, video scenarios, engaging images and interactivity will allow us to deliver the best possible results.

“With my background and grasp of the Science of Education, I bring new methodologies and learning structures into the design and development of VMP eLearning courses,” said Dr Schwarzenbock.

“With the didactically designed courses we provide, any business that wants to improve staff performance and offer effective educational measurements will see their needs and expectations met and exceeded.

“I know from experience that what you teach is important, but even more important is how you teach it.”


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Dr Schwarzenbock has also integrated a Needs Analysis program into VMP eLearning’s services which she believes will allow organisations to easily target exact areas of internal improvement and training.

“Everyone is aware of eLearning and its benefits, which means that sometimes companies switch to this type of training without making sure that all necessary prerequisites are met,” said Dr Schwarzenbock.

“There’s a lot more than just infrastructure and compliance that needs to be considered in order to implement an effective eLearning program that gets the best return on investment.

“Our Needs Analysis program is an innovative step forward that ensures everyone involved in the process, from management to staff to end users, are consulted and considered in order to create customised and very successful eLearning.

“We don’t create content, we create a learning experience!”

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