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How would a space like the health industry, one of the largest and constantly expanding services in the world, benefit from the likes of eLearning?

VMP eLearning has been looking for the answer to that very question, and this post will aim to explore five key features that will have you saying “let’s call these guys! They know exactly what we need!”

The value of these five key features is that they are industry agnostic, meaning they can be transferred across all walks of life (as well as health) and they still maintain all their benefits. Let’s get into it!


1. No Set Location

Of all the magical things that eLearning can deliver it is its ability to provide unique learning experiences, completely untethered from a specific location that rings loudest. With eLearning you no longer need to attend in person seminars of multi day events, which saves you money, time and let’s be honest… your sanity.  

On a global scale this is especially useful for healthcare by ways of being able to send new and updated ideas instantaneously. Imagine being able to educate your staff and new users across the globe on the benefits of a new technology and how to safely use it – that’s pretty special. If you take away the global aspect of it, it means users can work through lessons at home, on the bus or even at the park. eLearning’s ability to free the classroom is hands down one of its best features, but the next four are close runners up…


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2. Unlimited Learning Opportunities

Brilliant feature number two comes in the form of unlimited access to course content. Because of eLearning’s online mode of delivery, students, trainees, staff or whoever you may have working through your content also have the option to come back to these resources as many times as they wish.  

It means all someone has to do, is have the desire to revise their knowledge and the course will be waiting right there for them. For health this is useful because the wide range of specialised information. Depending on how the course is designed, users can quickly locate the information they need, which is broken down into sections that are easily digestible. This is called microlearning and includes content that usually only spans between 5-10 minutes – great for a busy and fast paced environment like health! 


3. Stress & Consequence Free Learning

When it comes to learning about medicine or health, an industry that typically has people’s lives in its hands, how amazing is it that eLearning can help people learn in an environment that takes those dangers out and still delivers important lessons. 

Through eLearning, we allow people to learn in a consequence free environment. Students can learn the intricacies of procedures and processes, or extreme decision making, in depth before even stepping foot into a healthcare setting.

By allowing users to learn at their own pace eLearning manages to reduce a lot of stress in the learning experience. And what does that lead to? Stronger knowledge retainment.


4. Tailorable Goals

An important aspect of any learning module is how the course convenor aims to assess their users upon completion. Without this assessment an instructor will never know if their content is being absorbed or simply powered through as quickly as possible. Traditional methods would require quizzes or exams that would then needed grading, a time consuming task for a busy healthcare worker.

With eLearning – the process is simplified. Quiz content such as drag and drops or multiple-choice options are automatically recorded in the Learning Management System, or LMS.  If the user fails a certain number of questions, they can be redirected to review the content before being able to move on and retake their knowledge check. For the health industry this could allow for time-based, countdown scenarios that require quick thinking in serious situations. Another example is to implement multiple choice quizzes that ensure the user can correctly identify symptoms of a rare disease. 

The LMS you utilise can also provide you with information surrounding learner habits and other data – meaning you can establish things like drop off rates and fix the issue through analysis of your learners.


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5. eLearning Saves Time

It’s probably pretty obvious by this point but eLearning saves time. By allowing users to work at their own pace, and by creating bite sized modules that can be achieved in a few minutes, you free them up for more of their day-to-day. The whole system means that you don’t need to find scheduling that knocks out a large group of your workforce in any one go. 

This means you’re much less likely to have to sit through a full day of training that leaves you short staffed. A positive that is doubly as important in industries that traditionally run units tightly, like healthcare and hospitality. 


BONUS BENEFIT: Improve Patients Lives

At the end of the day the number one thing in any healthcare setting are the lives of the patient. Ensuring they are comfortable, safe, well provided for and treated with respect, is paramount. Basically, eLearning gives you more time for this – the human element of healthcare.

Quick eLearning courses help deliver important content to the users in a way that keeps the information fresh in their mind. It elevates some of the difficulty of overseeing a large staff base by maintaining consistency in information across the board.


If you’d like to know more about how VMP eLearning can help you produce a bespoke health industry eLearning course, then contact us today or explore our website for more information.



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