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The worldwide coronavirus pandemic had gotten businesses to transition into a ‘work-from-home’ arrangement. Prepare your organisation through corporate eLearning.

Well, we are living in interesting times. With a lot of businesses transitioning their staff to ‘work-from-home’ due to the worldwide pandemic, now is a good time to assess your training strategies. Whether for now or the future, it will pay to research the most appropriate training and eLearning strategies for your company or organisation.

Developing Corporate eLearning Modules for Work From Home Staff - VMP eLearning
Businesses are transitioning their staff to work-from-home setups due to COVID-19 (source: Freepik)

We all know that corporate eLearning is nothing new. It has already been incredibly successful all around the world, with 77% of US companies utilising eLearning in 2017 alone, and of course with the social distancing and stay home directions of this current pandemic, it is the perfect solution for the resilient organisations that will survive this unprecedented economic challenge.


eLearning Solutions

Whether it be staff inductions, health and safety courses or simply an introduction to new business procedures, eLearning has it all. Teams (like our fabulous one at VMP eLearning in Brisbane) are able to develop customised digital learning solutions for corporate training that suit your business, and yours alone. Need an induction course that takes all your staff through your new work from home business practices? There’s an eLearning solution to that! Want to school your employees on proper ergonomics and workplace safety in their own home? You bet there’s an eLearning solution for that!


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Corporate eLearning ensures consistent learning for workers - VMP eLearning
eLearning is a great way to remotely engage with your staff and ensure consistent learning (source: Freepik)


eLearning Courses are Easily Updated

Another massive benefit for organising your eLearning strategy for corporate training is that your courses can change quickly and easily as more information comes to light about where the world is heading in the next 6-12 months. Has local legislation changed that effects your trading? It can be updated and uploaded onto your LMS (Learning Management System) within a matter of hours (of course, if you want the entire course rebuilt it may take a little longer, we’re wizards but we also pride ourselves on delivering the perfect product!).

Our obvious point is that there has never been a better time to consider putting your training online. Not only will it give you peace of mind that your staff are informed and trained effectively, but it will give your organisation a more consistent approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and your training strategy from this day forward.


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