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When it comes to engaging learners, video continues to be a stand-out choice for the job.

Video is more immersive and can give more context to a situation where images and text are lacking. It’s been found that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (Wordstream). So, naturally video is a great fit for learning, right?

Well, not quite. Short videos are effective, but we tend to forget content after the first 45 – 60 seconds of a video (eLearning Industry). And with video being a pre-recorded medium, it becomes a passive way to learn. A learner only has access to play, pause or stop the video, but there is nothing else to engage them with the content. It also presents a problem for businesses or institutions to track their users learning progress. Without signs of engagement with the content, it’s hard to know if the video is effective for learning at all.

But fear not! Interactive video eLearning might just be the key to using video as an engaging tool while getting users to learn actively. VMP eLearning is here to give the low-down on how interactive video is a great way to get your users learning effectively.


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Branching Videos

Branching videos are a great way to get any user paying attention to not only interact but immerse in the learning. This method of interactive video eLearning takes users down a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ type path. The learner has to make a choice at the end of each video, dictating where they end up next. This type of interactive video eLearning is great for encouraging active learning, as well as decision making & critical thinking. Having users choose their own path allows them to experience consequences for their actions. All-in-all, the branching videos can really mimic a real-life scenario.

VMP eLearning completed an online learning program with the Queensland Sentencing and Advisory Council which gave users the opportunity to pick between two paths for the characters & situations on screen – you can find it here.



A common tool used in eLearning, gamification is another great way to get users to interact with content. And it can be used for interactive video eLearning! It could be as simple as having a quiz after a video plays to test the user’s retention & understanding. Or a question could pause a video, giving the learner a chance to work out the answer for themselves. The great thing about gamification is it gives your business or institution a way to track the user’s progress. It can help you gauge how well they may or may not understand the information.

VMP eLearning created an eLearning course for the Queensland Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs (DLGRMA). The course used interactive video eLearning through gamification. You can find out more about that project here.


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