Introducing our eLearning Specialist – David Boyle

VMP elearning creates engaging screen content including online learning. We’ve been working hard on eLearning projects recently, so we thought we’d like to introduce you to our eLearning Specialist – David Boyle. David joined us back in January and has previously worked at large organizations such as the University of Queensland in order to develop effective eLearning programs. Here at VMP, David heads up all of our interactive and eLearning projects and is the go-to man for understanding how people learn. He’s a dedicated member of our team, and we hope you enjoy reading all about him… Take it away, David!


Brisbane eLearning specialist


1. What is your role here at VMP elearning?

I apply proven processes to eLearning projects and ensure each module achieves its aims. I also try to make it fun and bring a smile to all clients that I work with. From consultation, research, eLearning Design right through to Development and Testing, my role is to decipher what latest and greatest techniques will be the best method to achieve client needs.


2. Why do you think eLearning courses are so important in the modern education system?

As we all live busy lifestyles online learning offers a method of delivery that can fit into your busy schedule. The ability to learn on the go and to incorporate adaptive pathways and feedback strategies into the design of eLearning allows us to deliver a more effective and more personalised experience.


Achieve the Best Learning Outcomes Through ELearning, Talk to Us!

Brisbane eLearning specialist


3. What makes a great eLearning course?

A great learning experience is one you never forget! There are six key steps to making learning memorable.

  • Orientate and inform your learners on the expectations/outcomes of the course
  • Structure the content logically and provide choice where possible
  • Engage the senses of learners through multi-sensual stimulation
  • Provide multiple situations and assessments that challenge learners in the context of the work environment
  • Include collaboration opportunities for learners to learn from and with each other
  • Provide immediate feedback and integrate external learner support into the eLearning interface via link or communication tools


Brisbane eLearning specialist


4. What makes eLearning viable for today’s business industry?

eLearning can reduce travel expenses, the level of physical risk, inconsistency in training delivery and the amount of time and lost productivity that is associated with face-to-face training.


5. Are there any recent projects you’re proud of and what do you enjoy most about your job?

During my time with my previous employer UQ, I designed and developed two original Blackboard eLearning courses for student volunteers and for first semester students. I really enjoy the opportunity to develop courses from scratch and deliver something that I know will really help people. Now, with VMP I am getting that opportunity on a regular basis, it’s exciting and super satisfying!


Brisbane eLearning specialist


6. What do you like most about working here at VMP elearning?

The team at VMP elearning are a vibrant, ambitious and fun bunch to work with and we all appreciate the art of creating engaging screen content and how it can enhance learning experiences. The growing use of video and animation in eLearning is a natural fit for a business that is so well established in those areas.


Brisbane eLearning specialist


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