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Creating an eLearning course tailored to your company does have some cost attached, but the benefits very much outweigh that cost.

eLearning Design that fits your needs exactly will cut out confusion, allow you to integrate your company’s branding and values into the learning content, and ensure your learners are more engaged with the course. Having the learners see the content as relevant to their work life, job role and situation is critical for successful learning outcomes.


Better fulfilling your needs

Designing a custom eLearning course allows you to take a targeted approach to your learning outcomes. This means you will provide not only the knowledge but also teach your employees how they can immediately apply that info and the skills to your business and their responsibilities at work. For example, if you wish to target the people management skills of your staff, running an eLearning course is a perfect fit. With a customized eLearning course, you can teach the particulars of your company’s reporting and management systems, using internal forms and the values of your company. That way you are giving your learners easily applied knowledge straight off the bat.


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Integration of Branding and Values

Integrating your branding into the eLearning design of a course takes your course to the next level. Using your brand’s colours throughout the design with company fonts and style gives the course a polished and professional feel. It also presents the company as capable in the digital space.

Every company has their own set of values, and it’s essential to share and implement into every aspect of the business. Most important of all is integrating them into your training, with eLearning being the obvious way forward to achieve this. If you need your staff to uphold your company values, creating an engaging learning experience to achieve this, in a realistic scenario, is the best way to instill a sense of pride in them for being a part of your company culture at every level.


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More Engagement

There are a lot of poor online courses out there and achieving engagement with eLearning can be a challenge. However, a well-presented custom course that shows relevant content is powerful, and as we know, one of the best ways to keep your learners engaged is through personalised content. If you make the learners feel as though the course is taking them on an individual journey that is relevant to their role, they will feel that completing the course is time well spent.


elearning engagement


Ultimately, corporate eLearning is a cost-effective, yet successful way to train staff internally, and – if it’s designed properly – the results really do speak for themselves! At VMP eLearning we offer a range of services to assist every need of your eLearning journey – just contact us today or explore our website for more information.


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