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Box Hill Institute


Engineering Training Animations






Victoria, Australia



Box Hill Institute is a well-established training provider, delivering professional education across the secondary, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors. Offering over 300 TAFE courses and degrees across 10 countries, we were excited to partner with them.

Box Hill Institute identified the need for more visual engagement in their certificate IV in Telecommunications Engineering Technology course, which we whole-heartedly agreed with. From there, we established that animation explainer videos would be best for the combination of technical processes and soft skills being taught, as animation allows abstract and complicated concepts to be visualised with ease.


Our producer and animator worked closely with Box Hill’s project lead throughout the whole project, collaborating on design and concept development, scriptwriting and voiceover recording, asset creation, and final production. At the beginning of the project, to ensure the look, feel, and overall design of the animation suite was consistent across the large body of work and in-line with the client’s expectations, VMP e-Learning provided a design brief and an animated pre-visualisation to ensure the client was happy with the direction before moving forward with the whole suite. Our in-house animator created all the assets in-line with the design brief VMP e-Learning provided, using the client’s style guide, considering the content being taught, and the learner profile of the audience. Our producer worked with the client and Subject Matter Expert input to navigate creative decisions, refining and exploring how we showcase concepts that were creatively achievable whilst being accurate to the procedures and teaching points.

Given the varied subject matter in each video, from soft skills to hard skills, we scaled-up our production for more technically heavy content, such as electrical structures, wires, and cabling, to ensure the concepts were being portrayed accurately, given that incorrect depictions could be a matter of safety. To ensure a quality creative execution, we provided fully developed storyboards with refined graphic assets, and draft animation milestones throughout the project for comment.


The result is a polished, high-quality, comprehensive body of animations made up of 13 videos totalling 60 minutes of content, which is being used to enhance and complement existing learning materials in the Certificate IV program. Michael Krupa, Box Hill Institute Project Manager, said:

We at Box Hill Institute (Defence) are thoroughly impressed and deeply satisfied with the exceptional service provided by the VMP e-Learning team.

Their remarkable ability to deliver an end product that not only met but exceeded our expectations has significantly enhanced our course content, elevating it to the next level. The project was meticulously managed and executed, adhering to our timelines and budget, while consistently achieving our objectives.

Working with the VMP e-Learning project team…was an outstanding experience. They are experts in their field to say the least, which was conveyed in their ability to translate our concepts into vivid, engaging animations.

Michael Krupa, Box Hill Institute Project Manager 


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