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Shell Australia


Confined Spaces e-Learning Project




Energy and Petrochemical


Queensland, Australia



Shell Australia is part of the Shell Group, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. For this project, we were working with Shell’s Queensland operation, Shell QGC, one of Australia’s leading natural gas producers; its operations include over 3,000 production wells, 25 field compression stations, six central processing plants, two water treatment plant. As such a large and pivotal domestic and international supplier, VMP e-Learning was thrilled to be contacted about providing safety training.


One of Shell’s learning advisors reached out to VMP eLearning to produce a 20-minute course on confined space safety, wanting to focus on scenario-based training with assessments.  In line with our services, we provided an outline and solution to their needs and proceeded with developing the project. One of our Instructional Designers, Dr. Ruth Schwarzenbock, worked with Shell’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) to gather information on confined spaces before translating it into an e-Learning storyboard to take into development. To work within budget and scope, as well as meet the need for scenario-based training, VMP e-Learning used images to create scenarios, giving the user information on the confined space scenario before asking them to assess the decision-making flowchart to determine if it is or is not a confined space and safe for work. 

Scenario based experiences in e-Learning give the audience the ability to comprehend processes on numerous levels, all the while providing them with a significantly improved learning experience compared to read through, click through content. Furthermore, to reduce the walls of on-screen text that can potentially come with safety training, we implemented voiceover functionality so that key points could be on-screen, and more in-depth information was explained via the voiceover. With a brand as iconic as Shell, we also took the time to create a custom UI for the program, taking advantage of Shell’s brand guide to develop a look and feel that stays true to the brand, building a sense of familiarity with the users also.


The final project hit the brief, creating a 20-minute module with all the inclusions as originally requested. With an organisation as big and dynamic as Shell, it was important to keep them engaged with each step of the e-Learning project


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