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Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning


So, you want to be a councillor? eLearning Course Revamped




Local Government


Queensland, Australia


eLearning Training

VMP eLearning and the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP) have worked closely together since 2018 to develop and update an online training course outlining the codes and conducts for local councillors, which has proven to be highly successful for the department. VMP were then commissioned in 2019 to develop a free mandatory training program, that could be accessed virtually (due to the number of required users and the amount of training being provided) for users nominating to become a local councillor, called ‘So you want to be a councillor’ (SYWTBC). The program was designed to provide users training around what is required for the position both before and after becoming a councillor. In July 2022, the DSDILGP asked VMP eLearning to carry out a major overhaul of SYWTBC, to be used by new and re-elected local government councillors prior to nominating for the 2024 quadrennial election. VMP eLearning’s development team and education specialists have been able to facilitate strong bonds with subject matter experts (SME’s) of DSDILGP and have worked together to deliver structured solutions that succeed in meeting the required educational and instructional design needs.


As with all VMP eLearning’s projects, the process included several meetings before and during production to ensure the right teaching points were being implemented and we were striking the right tone for the learners. During project scoping, VMP eLearning initially pitched a three-tier redesign plan. However, after client feedback and a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) report, it was decided that the course required a complete makeover, in favour of new animations, a new user interface design, and the incorporation of updated video scenarios that addressed the feedback provided in the TNA from users of the previous iteration of SYWTBC. The storyboards and scripts, for both the eLearning and animation components, were presented to the client prior to production. We also developed a UI Design to be visually cohesive with the SWYTBC podcast, a pre-existing podcast DSDILGP were using to drive information and awareness for the program. Design was particularly important for the SYWTBC program, as the pre-existing content was text heavy, which could be perceived as overwhelming, given the diverse computer and grammatical literacy amongst users.



The VMP eLearning and DSDILGP relationship continues to grow because of this program’s success. We continue to work with DSDILGP staff to engage their learners, as numerous more opportunities have arisen since SYWTBC was completed. The next project titled LG Leaders is designed to assist DSDILGP with educating councillors once they have been elected to local office. Due to the success of the video scenarios with the DSDILGP, we have implemented more videos for the LG Leaders program, which continues our aim to curate engaging content whilst creating new and innovative ways to reduce lesson time and ensuring audience engagement.


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