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Disruptive events such as a global pandemic, natural disasters and the hiring crisis have meant that industries such as Logistics, Warehousing and eCommerce have seen a major change in the way they work and train their staff to ensure they are safe.

The Australian Government estimates that around 726,300 people are employed in the category of Transport, Postal and Warehousing Industry, which results in a huge training audience all with unique needs in how information should be presented.

Specifically, risk mitigation is considered one of the biggest educational needs in this sector when you consider the high-risk environments where employees work. Scenario based training can assist by providing trainees with a risk-free, result driven experience that can incorporate anything from Virtual Reality to animation, video, photography, and games. 


Video Training Scenarios

Video scenarios are used in eLearning to great success, giving learners the opportunity to review and make decisions based on the information presented to them by people or characters on the screen. These kinds of scenarios give viewers the opportunity to really think through their decision-making process and set them up for success when they make similar decisions in real time. Creating content that looks good, is engaging and, more importantly, is relevant to their day-to-day will result in a workplace culture that not only values their learning – but actually enjoys it.




Training in Virtual Reality

If a more immersive experience is required for the extremely risky environments, VR offers the training audience to actually be in the situation. Placing the learner in a first-person scenario can give them the opportunity to experience something that they may not have before, and allow them to work through their decision-making process under pressure. This problem-solving process will enhance their abilities to produce the same (if not better) outcomes in a live situation – resulting in risk mitigation across the board, and a more experienced workforce.  



The key to online training is understanding that everyone learns differently. Scenario based experiences in eLearning give the audience the ability to comprehend processes on numerous levels, all the while providing them with a significantly improved learning experience compared to read through, click through content.

VMP eLearning is Brisbane’s premier provider of training videos and scenario-based eLearning. Our team of video production specialists, instructional designers and education consultants will work with you to implement training that works and create content that not only engages your audience but inspires them to do better.  



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