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eLearning Design Takes Tokyo

6th March, 2018

Sometimes, the engaging, entertaining, and highly interactive new eLearning course that you’ve implemented won’t lead to the outcomes you’re aiming for. Why? Well, a common mistake in eLearning design and development is that courses are created to deliver the required content, but not to meet your learner’s needs. Imagine your colourful, exciting course is Tokyo. …

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EU Education Expert Joins Brisbane eLearning Specialists

22nd February, 2018

VMP eLearning is stepping up our education expertise this year with the addition of the world-class experience of learning specialist, Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock. German-born Dr Schwarzenbock (pictured) brings with her a PhD in the Science of Education, as well as years of experience in the European education and training sectors. Her time in these sectors …

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Meet the Team – David Boyle

10th January, 2018

VMP elearning creates engaging screen content including online learning. We’ve been working hard on eLearning projects recently, so we thought we’d like to introduce you to our eLearning Specialist – David Boyle. David joined us back in January and has previously worked at large organizations such as the University of Queensland in order to develop …

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eLearning and Longevity

20th March, 2017

Longevity. It’s something that many of us want. Maybe for you, it means never growing old, your coffee never going cold no matter how long it takes to drink it or wishing that Ed Sheeran song would last just a little bit longer. Here at VMP eLearning, longevity means creating work that lasts. And as …

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eLearning Audio

6th April, 2016

At VMP, we love eLearning because we get to be creative with graphics, mould and form content and create great online learning resources. However, there is one element that frequently gets overlooked by clients during the development stages. That element is audio. It’s easy to get submersed with the look and feel of a project, …

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