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Gamification and Defence

22nd November, 2022

At its core, gamification in education is about motivating us to do things by tapping into our basic human drives for meaning, accomplishment, reward and excitement. Gamification uses key elements of a game, such as attractive graphics, unpredictable pathways, scoring and ranking to engross the learner and allow them to learn and apply concepts in …

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eLearning From Mistakes

6th August, 2018

Despite what your primary school memories of red crosses and Responsible Thinking Rooms might suggest, making mistakes is far from an issue in the workplace. In fact, mistake-making is actually an integral part of the learning process. ‘Active’ or mistake-led eLearning is the process of making mistakes and working constructively to understand them during training. …

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Training Needs Analysis: The Science of Getting it Right the First Time

17th April, 2018

We all understand the importance of training in improving the quality and productivity of your workforce. Not to mention the importance of customer satisfaction, and risk mitigation. If your organisation is striving for growth and your staff are your greatest asset, then why not consider Training Needs Analysis?   Training Needs Analysis   VMP eLearning’s …

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Get Your Head in the Game

5th April, 2018

Gamification has emerged as one of the most effective techniques in engaging learners and improving performance outcomes for eLearning courses. Despite the visions of button-mashing and Noob Classification Avoidance Strategies its name conjures up, good gamification design is about more than just… well, playing games. Described by critically acclaimed knowledge guru, Wikipedia, as ‘the use …

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