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The Power of eLearning Feedback

19th March, 2019

eLearning Feedback with Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock, PhD Science of Education “Well done!” and “try again!” are the most commonly used forms of feedback, but what do they really teach your learners? According to science (Gibbs and Simpson, 2004), approximately diddly squat. So what does that mean for eLearning feedback?   Often overlooked, feedback is actually …

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2019 eLearning Trends Forecast

22nd January, 2019

It goes without saying that 2018 was a huge year for forward momentum across the board. NASA returned to Mars and the work of an artistic robot went under the hammer for the first time. Additionally, Einstein’s theory of general relativity was finally confirmed! 2018 saw massive growth for the eLearning industry in particular, which …

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From Space Travel to Soccer: Kicking Goals with Interactive 360 Degree Video

10th December, 2018

Video is widely accepted as one of the most engaging, effective means of communication, and video eLearning is becoming more and more popular. As technologies advance and our appetites for the new and improved continue to grow. However, our video storytelling tools have inevitably had to change with the seasons – leaving us with Virtual …

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Banking on it: eLearning for the Finance Sector

27th November, 2018

Every industry moves quickly in the current technological climate, but none faster than the finance sector. A perfect storm of the ever-evolving global market, the finance industry is one of continuous learning. There are new markets and financial products constantly being created, rules and regulations that range for local to international, plus intensive EOFY spreadsheets. …

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e-Learning VS Traditional Learning

30th October, 2018

Having seen a dramatic rise in popularity across every sector from accountancy to zoology in the last decade, e-Learning has gained the respect of learners and trainers alike for its adaptability and effectiveness. In stark contrast to traditional classroom-based learning environments, online learning platforms offer convenience, flexibility, adaptability at – quite literally – the click …

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