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Gamification and Defence

22nd November, 2022

At its core, gamification in education is about motivating us to do things by tapping into our basic human drives for meaning, accomplishment, reward and excitement. Gamification uses key elements of a game, such as attractive graphics, unpredictable pathways, scoring and ranking to engross the learner and allow them to learn and apply concepts in …

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Benefits of Custom eLearning Courses

7th July, 2022

Although generic courses may be initially cheaper in the short-term, customised eLearning modules offer a lot of long-term benefits. Providing employees with effective eLearning is much like shopping for clothes; a one-size-fits-all approach does not usually cut it. Yet, organisations fail to recognise this and continue to buy generic, off-the-shelf eLearning courses. Whilst pre-built, generic …

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Benefits of Online Onboarding Using eLearning

24th February, 2022

With remote and hybrid working environments being the new norm, it is more important than ever for businesses and organisations to re-assess their existing onboarding processes. It is crucial to ensure all new hires transition easily into their new roles regardless of whether they’re working from home. A well-designed onboarding process is so important as …

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Is ‘Work From Home’ Here to Stay In 2021?

3rd February, 2021

Before COVID-19 made it necessary for businesses to facilitate flexible remote working arrangements, some employers were reluctant to allow their teams to work from their own homes. However, since many workers have discovered remote working for the first time in 2020, trends show that remote work options will be desirable even post-COVID, and it is …

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E-Learning for Employee Development and Satisfaction

24th August, 2020

One of the key strategies to encourage employee retention is by providing them with training and development opportunities. This is where customised elearning can make an impact. One of the biggest hurdles for businesses is employee retention. According to findings by the Australian HR Institute in 2018, average turnover rates had increased to around 18%; …

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