If your organisation is striving for growth and scale, your staff are your greatest asset. We all understand the importance, therefore, of training in improving the quality and productivity of your workforce, customer satisfaction, and risk mitigation.


Training Needs Analysis


VMP eLearning’s Training Needs Analysis, designed by Dr Ruth Schwarzenbock (PhD Science of Education), is a systematic means of identifying risks, strengths, learning types, and gaps in the skills of your workforce. With these aspects in mind, you can move forward with your eLearning development knowing where to allocate your training budget – the areas of your company that need improvement the most. To get the best out of your people, an appropriate training strategy is absolutely crucial.


VMP eLearning Training Needs Analysis


How We Do It


VMP eLearning liaises with all key personnel involved in your company’s training process, from management and supervisors to employees, to cover all points necessary for a successful, long-term education strategy. This allows us to identify patterns in the work processes or facilities that need to be changed to support staff and successfully improve their performance. Based on practical educational science, our Training Needs Analysis protects you from spending money on redundant or ineffective training.  Instead, we take your entire work environment and workflow into consideration during our analysis to tailor your training to your needs.

At the end of our assessment, VMP eLearning will present you with a comprehensive review and written strategy, created from evidence-based research. As part of our Training Needs Analysis report, a thorough Cost Benefit Analysis will assist you to get the highest possible Return on Investment, and we will ensure you understand why and how to implement the strategy according to industry standard best practice.

Our Training Needs Analysis is tailored to your needs, meaning you know exactly which steps to take towards achieving your company’s goals before training development begins. In short, VMP eLearning’s Training Needs Analysis allows you to get your training right – the first time.


VMP eLearning Training Needs Analysis


From start-ups that need to meet compliance standards or aim for growth in sales numbers to multi-branch organisations that need a holistic analysis throughout multiple departments, we have the right process to meet your desired coverage and budget! Absorbed into the final eLearning project costs, our Training Needs Analysis is a crucial step for any business wanting to get the most out of their workforce.

To discuss your company’s needs and the opportunity to get the best out of your workforce using educational science and tailored solutions,  contact us today for an obligation-free appointment.


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