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Welcome to VMP eLearning’s 2021-2022 newsletter where we recap the innovating and engaging projects we have completed over the last 12 months!


Australian Defence Force | Land Warfare Centre

Since June 2020, VMP eLearning and the Australian Army (Land Warfare Centre) have fostered a strong, sustainable partnership that aims to enhance the generalist all Corps Army online training offered by Army to their soldier and officer cohorts. The Army needed to diversify the way that they teach their generalist all Corps Army content, not only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of the way that warfare and the modern soldiers are evolving with their changing learning expectations and needs. 

As we reflect on how we have helped this iconic institution, the Australian Army now look at their own training in a different way and with a critical eye. This has been a fantastic experience for our entire team who have formed strong bonds with instructors and project managers across Army and have worked together to deliver creative and structured solutions that meet their educational and instructional design needs.  

 The relationships that VMP eLearning and the Australian Army have formed have been the cornerstone to the success of this partnership so much so that it was recognised at the 2021 LearnX Awards, receiving a Gold Award for Best Talent Partnership. Our partnership also received a Platinum Award in the Best Capability Project for the Combat Military Appreciation Process (CMAP) eLearning course.   

 Our ability to deliver lessons that have considerable use across several different ranks and courses means that learners have been able to establish their own self-paced learning journey. The savings in time and expenses have been a major achievement for Army in this contract. The respect and appreciation each organisation hold for the other is significant and when looking at how far some of the training has come since the beginning of the contract, it’s wonderful to see that the partnership has achieved real progress. The future of training within LWC and the Australian Army is exciting and we look forward to continuing to contribute to training within Defence for a while to come. 

VMP eLearning Team with the Australian Army


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (Rural Fire Service) | Grassland Field Observer Module

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (Rural Fire Service) approached VMP eLearning to collaborate on a ‘Grassland Field Observer’ eLearning module. Until now, Queensland was using Victoria’s module, and given that the landscape and grasslands across Queensland are very different in comparison to those in Victoria, a more specific module for volunteers was required. The module is an induction type course for volunteers who have put their hands up to be Grassland Observers so they understand their duties, as well as how to record their data. The module includes animated scenarios, interactive activities, and voiceovers to keep the users engaged throughout. The course can also be used as a refresher tool for people returning as observers, or those looking to brush up on their knowledge of the role. There is no limit on the number of times someone can go through the module, making it an excellent reference point for new and existing Grassland Observers. VMP eLearning are exceptionally proud of the work we have completed with Queensland Fire & Emergency Services, and are looking forward to continuing the relationship to help ensure our local heroes have the most accurate information available to them at all times. Click here to watch the showreel of the module.  


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Grassland Field Observer eLearning Module


My Life Today | How You Create Your Life

VMP eLearning values healthy and happy communities. We were delighted to have worked with My Life Today to create an online course that promotes positive mindfulness and life skills. The course seeks to enhance people’s lives by giving them the tools to take control and change their circumstances for the better in a supportive and engaging way. The course consists of a variety of modules which include interactive activities and exercises that help users to easily retain the information and essentially ‘create their lives’. Some topics included are thoughts, feelings, creating healthy habits, and expressing gratitude. The use of graphics, animation and presenter videos were used to increase engagement and motivate users to complete the course. Presenter videos with experts such as psychologists were incorporated to endorse the teachings in the course.We are very proud of the eLearning modules we have created so far, and you can view the showreel here 


My Life Today - How You Create Your Life eLearning Course


VMP eLearning | Webinar Series 2022

During May this year, VMP eLearning’s Director of Education and Learning Strategies, Dr. Ruth Schwarzenboeck, hosted the first webinar in our three-part series which is focused on corporate eLearning strategies and how to get online training right the first time around. Coincidently, it coincided with Queensland Small Business Month (QSBM), and we were fortunate enough to be included in the QSBM schedule of events. Dr. Schwarzenboeck provided the audience with strategies to analyse and identify gaps in an organization and their perceived need for training. This is to ensure that whatever training experience they create is meaningful and provides the right outcomes for their staff. If you missed the first webinar, click here to watch it now. In the second part of the webinar series, Ruth explored how to best develop online training so that learning content will be retained. Using her PhD in Science of Education, Ruth discussed the benefits of using a science-based and data-driven learning design, so that training will achieve maximum outcomes and learner retention. You can view the second part here. Make sure you keep an eye out for our third webinar which will focus on measuring and defining the success of an eLearning course in November. 


Dr. Ruth Schwarzenboeck - VMP eLearning’s Director of Education and Learning Strategies


New Staff Profile

At the beginning of July, Andrew Wegener joined the VMP team as our in-house Defence Consultant. As a commissioned officer in the Australian Army, Andrew has served in a variety of operational and training roles, including two deployments to Afghanistan and an instructor at the Royal Military College Duntroon. He was the key liaison officer for the Land Warfare Centre’s move to online training and he is motivated to help both Defence and the Defence Industry to achieve innovative online training. His expertise in the military is complemented by his role running his own property advisory business, giving him insight into both the defence and business realms. Andrew’s experience, together with our expertise, is the perfect combination to create engaging and effective educational products. We look forward to working with Andrew to see what we can achieve in the Defence space.

Andrew Wegener - VMP eLearning in-house Defence Consultant

We have a busy couple of months ahead and can’t wait to see what the next year holds! If you’d like to be featured in the annual newsletter, why not get in touch with the eLearning experts to discuss your online training needs. 


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