The Advantages:

  • Easy to use

    Learning in new environments can be challenging. VWIZ provides guidance for students and staff to make the transition easy.

  • Easy to administer

    VWIZ provides the tools to control and integrate your current workflow with role assignment and user permissions. The reporting engine offers pre-made reports and the ability to develop custom reports to suit your needs.

  • VMP-managed Courses

    Adopting new learning technology should not be a burden on a company. VMP eLearning-managed courses provide you with peace of mind through a managed infrastructure and continual support, allowing clients to focus on delivering a course and ensuring an enjoyable student experience. Basically, we’ll take care of the car and you and your students can enjoy the ride.

  • Client-managed LMS site options

    Client-managed sites provide a managed server environment with the latest Moodle Learning Management System software. A client-managed site is a highly customisable product, with the ability to have your own URL and free access to Moodle’s wide variety of tools and functions to assist you in delivering quality education. This option gives you freedom and privacy with less technical support. It requires more cost for a client to maintain the system.

    No matter what you choose, VMP eLearning will be there to support you - from implementation of the platform and beyond. We are highly adaptable in our approach to LMS services and will happily consider alternate arrangements in order to best meet your needs.

  • Australian-based server

    VWIZ is securely hosted in Australia, protecting your data and product through Australian Law and providing you with fast and efficient service for all users of the Learning Management System.

  • Customisable appearance and functionality

    Customising a course to suit a company’s style guide is necessary in delivering a seamless user experience for learners. VWIZ provides customisable themes that can be edited by VMP eLearning to ensure that your site meets branding requirements and looks like your organisation’s own work of art. VMP eLearning have the expertise to redesign any element of the interface or content to suit your needs.

  • Adaptive learning

    Learners often have a variety of experience and knowledge and may require a more personalised approach to learning. VWIZ provides the functionality to display additional content, assessments, and feedback based on individual learning needs.

  • Mobile learning

    VWIZ is compatible with the Moodle Mobile App for display on mobile devices. VWIZ can also host responsively designed web content, video, activities, forums, webinars and assessments.

  • Interactive learning

    Keeping learners actively engaged in their learning experience is an essential step to maintaining attention and practicing the skills that will lead to behavioural change. VWIZ can embed and host interactive web content such as HTML5 interactions and SWF animations to ensure your course is as engaging and effective as possible.

  • Multilingual and Cultural support

    Delivering learning programs to a global audience is easy by using VWIZ’s language packs to translate over 100 languages. Language packs can also be customised to suit: learner culture, age, interest, language, industry, experience, digital literacy, and more.

  • Learning Analytics

    The predictive analytics engine provides the functionality to proactively manage student progress and to predict where and when support is required.

  • Ongoing support

    Whether it be for organisational strategy, site customisation, content design, eLearning development or technical assistance in designing and delivering your course, VMP eLearning is happy to assist with your immediate or long-term needs.

  • Monetise your course

    Why not turn your course into revenue? VWIZ can be linked to eCommerce software and payment gateways to help you earn from your learning products. Courses can be setup to expire to coincide with refresher dates or periods of time that courses need to be completed within.

Key Features:

  • Author your own content and assessment

    Need the tools to make learning interactive, engaging, and assessment inclusive? VWIZ can deliver a variety of content and activities such as quizzes, forums, group activities, multimedia, and animation to encourage active learning and social collaboration. A standard text editor and helpful links to instructions make authoring easy. If you don’t feel comfortable with using the tools, VMP eLearning can provide this service or upskill your staff until they are comfortable with the system.

  • Social Learning

    Learning is said to be a social process. VWIZ provide tools such as forums, group activities and peer assessment, empowering your learners to tap into the collective knowledge of your organisation in achieving your identified goals.

  • Synchronous learning using Big Blue Button plug-in

    VWIZ can integrate with the Big Blue Button plug-in for teachers and students, allowing you to openly discuss topics in an environment similar to a webinar.

  • Feedback and Video Response technology

    Catering for the learning needs of your target audience can be challenging. When language and literacy are identified as concerns, VWIZ can offer students an alternate way to respond to quiz questions or submit assignments by recording video or audio responses through a webcam. It can also be used by teachers to communicate feedback in the learner’s native language. This flexible response technology can be combined with traditional learning methods to ensure that learners are provided equality in the way an eLearning course is delivered.

  • Pre-made collated reports

    VWIZ offers a range of premade reports, such as the Grade Book Report, Activity Report, and Course Report.

    • Grade Book displays a learner’s performance in relation to a set level or range of achievement in the form of a grade
    • The Activity Report displays which activities have been completed in relation to a course’s participation requirements
    • The Course Report lists each Learner, their Credentials, Topic, Question, Answers and links to Video Responses, collating data into one spreadsheet for back-up and external integration and administration
  • Web and eLearning standards compliant

    • SCORM 1.2
    • Tin Can API
    • LTI
    • H5P
    • HTML5
    • WCAG 2.0
    • Section 508
    • Screen-reader support

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