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As companies now are looking into online learning for their staff training, many are facing difficulties in transitioning with their internal trainers that have little or no experience in elearning or online education.

With online learning becoming more popular due to it’s versatility during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as businesses recognising the need to become more online focused, a lot of companies are reassessing their internal training capabilities. But, we all know, humans are creatures of habit, and so some internal trainers or hiring managers simply keep going with ‘the way things have always been done’, making them rather apprehensive about the move towards online learning. So, how do you make the transition towards a more progressive learning culture and get your team on track with corporate eLearning, when they have little to no experience in the area? You partner with an external eLearning provider of course! Who would have guessed?! Keep reading to discover just some of the benefits this partnership has to offer.


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Corporate eLearning: A Fresh Pair of Eyes

We all know how crazy we can go when we’re working on something over and over again. The content tends to blur together to the point where it is hard to differentiate what’s good and what’s not. This is where working with eLearning professionals proves to be particularly handy. Not only will you get the professionalism and industry knowledge that comes with hiring a specialised operator in the corporate eLearning industry, but you will also have a second set of eyes looking through your existing content. This will help to really move forward and not get stuck with old habits or irrelevant content. Here at VMP eLearning for example, we run Training Needs Analysis programs prior to the course development, which sees our team of learning professionals assess current content and training plans, as well as the target group and the goals of the business. In doing so, we are able to make tailored and specific suggestions on how the training program and content delivery can be improved for better learning outcomes and higher staff engagement.


Corporate eLearning: Close Working Relationship

Another key benefit of working with an eLearning provider is the ongoing support provided throughout the entire project. Your eLearning professional should work closely with you from the beginning of the project and beyond finalisation, hearing and addressing your needs, wishes and concerns. They essentially need to be able to walk you through the entire production process, weigh up different options for you, and assist you with technical elements, all the while reassuring your staff that this is not a transition they need to be worried about. Basically, they are your go to guy, so make the best use of them that you can!


Ultimately, corporate eLearning is a cost-effective, yet successful way to train staff internally, and – if it’s done properly – the results really do speak for themselves! At VMP eLearning we offer a range of services to assist every need of your eLearning journey – just contact us today or explore our website for more information.



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