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Before COVID-19 made it necessary for businesses to facilitate flexible remote working arrangements, some employers were reluctant to allow their teams to work from their own homes. However, since many workers have discovered remote working for the first time in 2020, trends show that remote work options will be desirable even post-COVID, and it is estimated that by the end of 2021 30% of the workforce will still be working from home at least multiple days a week (according to Global Workplace Analytics). With more employees looking to work from home, or for more flexible working arrangements, it has never been more important that businesses are setup with effective digital learning solutions. The team at VMP eLearning certainly understand the highs and lows of working from home, and that’s why we also understand that online eLearning is the best solution to ensure that staff can continue to develop and train without interruption whilst working remotely, as eLearning can be accessed and completed as easily from home as it is from the office.

Stay home with digital learning solutions

Not only does eLearning provide comprehensive solutions to tackle any industry specific requirements with diverse and engaging learning content, it will also save money compared to in-person and classroom delivery. All a learner needs to access online learning tools is an internet enabled device – they can then learn under their own guidance without a teacher standing over them or a busy office to study in. Furthermore, it is estimated that employees spend up to 60% of their working day away from their office desks (Global Workplace Analytics) – imagine the expenses that could be saved by reducing physical office space and reinvesting into digital learning and remote solutions!


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Expensive office space isn’t the only downside to the traditional training environment. According to FlexJobs, around 75% of people believe remote work and work from home arrangements lead to fewer distractions than when working in offices in the presence of coworkers. We also know that custom eLearning solutions allow for self-paced learning and smaller, manageable module sizes (microlearning), keeping learners motivated as they feel they are constantly achieving learning goals and progressing through their course (even if only by small steps at a time). By setting your staff up to incorporate small amounts of digital learning into their daily work routine, from the comfort of their own home, learners can take advantage of reduced distractions to concentrate and stay engaged through their learning.

While remote work has become a sort of ‘new normal’ and will remain in most industries at least part-time, it’s vital to be prepared with digital eLearning solutions that fit the needs of your business, your work culture and your employees to ensure your business stays in the top range of your industry.


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